High-standard importance that faces the future of comprehensive wiring

First, project background summary

One company move because of the business address, and move to from another exterior city of about 100 kilometers in the place of office of now. There are tri-layer office buildings to need to realize weak electric comprehensive Layout Designs such as the data, pronunciation, monitor system,etc. in the new place of office now. Because there is few whole light current routing system information point, and the company, in order to save the cost while the whole building is fitted up, and easy to communicate with the contractor, so the weak electricity system project has been contracted to the same company fitted up in building together. I participate in the planning of this project as the weak electricity system engineering representatives of companies, and is responsible for coordinating the real time communication with the contractor. Because this fit up company to be even professional to weak electricity system, so whole the intersection of light current and scheme propose by our company basically. Have not made very detailed scheme explanation demand book in this course, send specialized personnel of weak electricity system supervise, construct either (mix one company know how the intersection of person who fit up and personnel in the long-term overman slightly just, light current respect is mainly to coordinate in person, but my post at that time is the network administrators of this company, responsible for the intersection of company and whole work of IT still, so company send over a long period of time in the building site overman, just coordinated and made the concrete matters in the past once in a while) .

Second, project requirement analysis

The company covers an area of 1.333 hectares, nearly shut more than 13000 square meters. This factory building purchased the official working area newly for this company. After this office building is all fitted up well, the company moved over appear the companying. Already there was a tri-layer blank office building built up at that time in this factory building, this floor should be through overall equipment and installation of strong, weak electricity system before inuse, in order to realize working required data transmission, functions such as the pronunciation communication and controlling the video,etc.. So, what I discuss here is mainly designed and installed for the weak electricity system of the office building of this tri-layer.

The intersection of office building and tri-layer altogether, protruding the intersection of word pattern and structure, just a few aspect accumulate as 2400 square meter about respectively, tri-layer area 600 square meters. Company’s preliminary planning is that 2 storeys are the main office, the great partial clerical work force works on the second floor, some area of first layer, as warehouse and apparatus district, another part is regarded as living quarters and recreation activity region. The tri-layer is regarded as the future projection room of the company and large-scale activity room of the company.

After the administrative area of the company lays out, the whole information point is basically decided. Through getting more numerous at company for discussion and be planned,in point size in the system informations when preserving by light currents whole: 83 data points, including 6 of the first floor; 75 second floors, 2 pieces of the third floor.

It preserves and amounts to 73 points for the pronunciation to click, including 5 of the first floor, 67 second floors, 1 piece of the third floor.

In addition the whole company preserves and controls the door of lens 20 together, 10 pieces of the 1st floor, 9 second floors, 1 piece of the third floor. So that company’s entrance guard, to the management inside the company with the management teams to inspecting looking over outside the office.

Data Pronunciation Control Total

The first floor 6 5 10 21 

Second floor 75 67 9 151

The third floor 2 1 1 4 

Total 83 73 20 176

Through planning and design above, the company determines data transmission, pronunciation communication can meet company’s at present demands. So the permanent periodic line can meet the transmission demand for 1000Mbps at least, the pronunciation communication can meet the present need. So the permanent periodic line of the whole level has adopted and fitted 6 kinds of general paired lines.

Third, comprehensive wiring device and material demand

Because the company is based on the cost-effective cause, so the used apparatus of place of office before using a part.

1.The sub syste planning of working area:

The subsystem of working area is made up from jumper wire and information outlet module connected to information outlet of terminal installation. Pass the socket namely all right linked computers or other apparatuses, one end of paired line of the horizontal system is in the head joint here. Data of working area, click and basically adopt and fit general wall dual-ported faceplate and solos faceplate in pronunciation (Is it or that there are three information points on desks to use the situation of the solos faceplate to have some offices, two pronunciation one data or two data one pronunciations) Fix on desk screen, meeting room, general manager’s room, Vice President and manager’s room all adopt rejectible type form, dual-ported faceplate of ground.

2.Horizontal distribution subsystem

Because company’s whole network size is not big, have not set up the vertical Trunk Feeder System, all information points draw the line to put from the computer lab in place directly directly. All data and pronunciation order adopt and set up 6 kinds of general line to connect. Company the intersection of tri-layer and rooftop adopt, ceil way fit up, so routing of information point the bridge routes through ceiling. Then the signal line reaches each information dot location in ceiling through PVC inflaming retarding tube. Building one layer four meter high, two -storey three the intersection of point and six, room, entrance guard of farthest, from 70 meter about from information point to the intersection of computer lab and circuit, information point is about 10 meters recently. So predict entirely for 30 cases, the compute mode to use is with the thread: {[(70 10) /Height of 2*1.1 2 walls ] *176 /305 =30.

3., management area subsystem among the apparatuses

Have only 100 more than because of whole the intersection of project and information point, so mix space and set up together while being whole among the apparatus, renewal and maintenance charge of the apparatus will be higher after a machine. Even perhaps cause the contradiction happen to both sides of convention. Such a result, has not benefited company, it is interests of damaging the company seriously. So, when we have the comprehensive wiring demand, please use the strict, serious, rigorous attitude. Propose it is a bit more long-term to put the eyes, don’t neglect the whole quality of the project for little interests before one’s eyes. In fact, the small project needs too to be high-standard, the high-quality solution facing the future guarantees users’ long-term investment benefit!