Light analyze inter-coms count words and network technical superiority in the building

Traditional simulation inter-com, the scale in the Residential Area is too big, or if floor is more, signal ambiguity question that will cause because the transmission distance of video is passed far inevitably; Meanwhile, on multiple channel, have inborn soft ribs too, it is very difficult to well overcome and solve.

And adopt digitization technology, these two difficult problems of settlement that it can be very good. , network and adopt the standard TCP/IP agreement partly and transmit the digital signal of audio frequency and video after compressed encoding. Because the video, audio frequency, control information are the digitized signal, do not basically have a signal attenuation question, meet and transmit the requirement at a long distance easily; In addition, network the physical network and adopt standard Ethernet framework, the network shares, meet the multiple channel requirement easily.

It stresses the advantage as follows mainly:

The broadband network of multiplexing in the Residential Area, save the systematic fabrication cost

It by word it network if you can’t network system by part, last ether network structures standard,not merely can conveniently network connection independent very, can multiplex the intersection of telecommunication and the intersection of zone and broadband network that operator build, save switchboard and the intersection of wire rod and partial investment, further reduce the systematic fabrication cost, guarantee the reliability that the networking system runs too. In addition, RJ-45 interface of Ethernet has complete electrical isolation functions, adopt the optic fibre at the time of the transmission of long distance, all these, in order to offer complete lightning protection to protect systematically.

It is clog-free to network, the signal is breakeven

Networking adopts the standard TCP/IP agreement to transmit the digitized audio and video signal partly, realize the head-on collision of the multi-channel video easily, warning signal transmission is reliable in time, there is no anxiety of engaged-line. Because of adopting the digital form to transmit the audio frequency, video and intelligence signal, there is not transmission distance that is limited, Residential Area of the applicable arbitrary scale.

Dilatation is unrestricted, it is strong to expand ability

Network and adopt TCP/IP agreement with open standard, inner apparatus standard signal and standard interface of unit, but seamless link of the apparatuses of the apparatus of different periods, different districts.

Routing, opening, debug, convenient maintenance is simple

The system networks and adopts the digitized way to transmit, the standard LAN way is laid, networking the circuit can utilize the ready-made Residential Area broadband line; The system adopts the single First Five-Year Plan routing of line, only uses a line and one RJ-45 crystal very beginning, the completion that can be convenient and swift constructs and routes; Compared with ordinary simulation inter-com, network the intermediate equipment to reduce greatly; The system opens and debugs simply.

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